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Curricula and Strategies

As some recent reports state: “Canada aims to nearly double the number of international students it attracts with a goal of 450,000 international students and researchers by 2022”.


Canadian educational organisms are working hard on strengthening its position opposed to the competition, the leading developed countries most desired for a study abroad destination.


The new International Education Strategy is focusing on certain crucial tasks on the matter:


A welcoming, safe and multicultural country offering high-quality education at an attractive price;

A global center of innovation, research and development;

A research partner of choice;

State-of-the-art research facilities; and

A world leader in skills development and other advanced skills for employment.”

Its fair share of contributions, of course go to the visa and migration policies which make it possible for almost any prospective student in the world to come and make a home and a solid career out of the country of Canada – strongly supported by all the postgraduate job opportunities the country has to offer.

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