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The Greater Moncton Vietnamese Association (GMVA) is a not-for-profit organization aiming to:

  1. Promote the Vietnamese community and its contribution to our region.

  2. Assist newcomers in the initial stages of settlement.

  3. Carry out activities to maintain our tradition, language, and culture; while building friendship amongst members, as well as the greater Moncton community at large.


Currently there are over one hundred families in the region. Some came prior to the fall of Saigon in 1975, some during the 1980’s as boat people. The majority came during the last few years through the provincial nominee programs. Most recently some as students attending various institutions in our area. Though not large in numbers, our members include many talented professionals, CEOs, business owners, students, etc. A vibrant Vietnamese community here we currently have. However, we can play a much bigger role in our region – schools, businesses, culture, etc. Our association’s mandate is advance this cause going forward. 

vietnamese association
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